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Hello lovely people ❤️ as promised here is my 10 TOP EASY TIPS for beautifully styling your kitchen this spring season... 💭

So grab a hot drink, and five minute to yourself today…. x

Our gorgeous friend @cicelyandparker has staged these beautiful images for us in her new kitchen, please please pop on over and give her a follow, its a beautiful account!

1. Use lots of natural materials ie wood chopping boards and rattan/wicker place mats and wooden utensils. This gives a naturalistic and textured look to your space.

2. Plants, greenery is a must must.... But if like me you are the curse of death to any indoor plant, then we have a great range of realistic and top quality faux flowers we are particularly in love with our brand new spring Cherry Blossom stems.

3. Use risers like our best selling benches. This will help you build height and cohesion into group items.

4. Trays... Great for protecting any surfaces but also another great way to add depth and texture to any work surface

5. Interesting bar or counter stools give a great opportunity to add some fun and a bit of your personality.

6. Swap plastic labelled soap detergent bottles for our gorgeous glass refillable ones to add a touch of luxury.

7. Add hints of colour by using soft furnishings. Tea towels, hand towels, rugs, cushions are a quick and easy way to transform any space without spending lots on kitchen "hardware"

8. Shelves shelves shelves, my absolute favourite way of displaying all types of gorgeous decor and practical items, so easy to rejig and freshen up.

9. A Tea/Coffee Station is a must have these days, who can't start their day without a warm drink??? Start with a tray, a kettle and a few glass storage canisters for a simple modern look..

10. Grow a small practical herb garden in window planters or pots is another great idea. Herbs are a charming accessory for your kitchen and will come in handy when you're cooking up a storm! Plus the basil always smells divine..

Here's to a peaceful and restful week for us all

Love Lulu x

March 01, 2022 — Louise Prydderch