Ideas To Get Your Shelf Displays Stylish | Lulu Loves Home

I get many of you asking for ideas on how to style shelves, so we thought we would compose a quick style guide with my top easy tips to get a stress free uncluttered look.

*Remember your rule of three! 3 items of varying heights grouped together. Honestly you can’t go wrong, that’s why it’s a constant rule here at Lulu Loves HQ.

*Foliage! It instantly helps bring your shelves to life and lifts the look! That’s why we love to stock small potted foliage. Our potted eucalyptus, cypress and boxwood are perfect for smaller shelves!

*Lastly don’t be afraid to get some different textures and colour contrasts in there too, to really draw the eye! The detail on our reactive glaze mugs had us at hello.

*The easiest way to create a professional look for your shelves is to stick to the same elements of design. This means repeating similar shapes, colors and textures throughout each shelf you style.

*Lastly, books are a great way of adding depth, layers and that touch of sophistication! Can’t find one you like? Grab an old hardcover book, sample pot of paint and voila…honestly it’s a game changer and if you change your colour scheme simply repaint!.

Keep an eye out soon for console table and mirror styling tips.
Love Lulu x

March 08, 2022 — Louise Prydderch