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Spring styling needn't be overwhelming to achieve or look at. If you want your tray or side table to look pretty but in reality it still needs to be functional. We've put together some of our top tips for creating a beautiful yet simple display.

1. Height: Height creates a focal point and a centre around which you can allow your display to evolve. A simple way to bring height is to choose your favourite vase and fill it with beautiful Spring foliage. To create this easy, stunning arrangement we opted for our Faux Pussy Willow and 3 stems of our Faux Cherry Blossom. For a dash of Spring magic we also hung our porcelain eggs to provide depth and add a playful element to an elegant display.

2. Texture: Adding different textures creates more 'visual weight'. Contrasting textures make certain elements of a display stand out more than others. We've used our Concrete Decorative Artichoke (texture central!) and nestled it in at the base of the smooth Ellipse Stone Concrete Vase.

3. Candle: Candles are atmospheric and are a great way to add range to a display. Not to mention that when lit they provide calming, ambient light. We love candle stick storage jars at Lulu Loves HQ but in the spirit of Easter we used a dash of artistic licensing and filled our beautiful Nordic Candle Storage Jar with delicious Mini Eggs for a pop of colour (and quick access to everyone's favourite Easter treat!). Mini Eggs don't last the car journey home from the Supermarket? You could add foliage, moss, top up candles or anything that takes your fancy - be creative!

4. Lastly, just add your favourite book and a cup of your favourite hot drink and you're good to go! Be sure to tag us in your own creations on Insta - we love to see how you 'dress your nest'!

March 08, 2022 — Joanna M
Tags: Easter decor