Wax Melt & Oil Electric Burner - Lace



This electrifying wax warmer makes wax melts a delight in the home without having to use tealights. The light bulb gently warms your wax melts, allowing you to enjoy them in harmony with safety! Porcelain material offers a glimmering light to your living space, making it the perfect housewarming or wedding gift, or simply a beautiful embellishment to your favorite corner.


Dimensions:  H15cm x W10cm x D10cm            
Depth of dish - 2cm.

  • Place a wax melt in the dish on top of the melt warmer, there is no need to add water. 
  • Switch your electric melt burner on, after a few minutes the wax will melt, releasing the fragrance. Please note that the oil burner can take around 10-20 minutes to heat up fully ready to melt wax and release the fragrance. 
  • To change fragrance, switch your melt burner off and place cotton wool to the liquid and watch as it soaks up or allow the wax to harden completely and the dish to cool, the wax can then be removed by applying gentle pressure OR if you have minimal melted wax left in the dish simply wipe away with kitchen roll.
  • Electrical safety tested. On-off switch. Class 2 equipment. European conformity, 220-240 voltage, frequency 50Hz, supplied with a 25w bulb but can be used with bulbs up to 40w.