Deluxe Homeart Cream Wide LED Light Up Wide Pillar Candle

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Our LED Pillar Candles will add a warm glow to your home. These flameless LED candles are a realistic alternative to real candles and can be used for any occasion or event, indoors or outdoors. The body of the candle is made from resin with an LED light inside that creates a soothing flickering effect. The design is topped off with a pool of glossy clear wax on top that looks just like melted wax.

Match with other sizes to create a fab display and then link with and our remote control so you don't have to spend hours turning your candles out.

Each candle requires 2 AA batteries (not included) which will last up to 400 hours each


Small: 10cm x 10cm

Medium: 10cm x 15cm

Large: 10cm x 20cm