Large Mirrored Patterned Clock With Moving Cog Gear Mechanism


This large mirrored clock will add a touch of elegance to any room. The moving cog gear mechanism has an intriguing vintage style look, and will mesmerise everyone who sees it.

The metal frame of the clock is mirrored on the front, This clock will make a stunning focal point to any room, and will be the talk of your friends.

Crafted from premium quality materials, it offers a striking piece that can instantly add a touch of personality and style to your decor. 

Dimensions: 81cm x 81cm x 87cm

We are passionate about selling products that are made from a natural source or have a vintage appearance, these specific products come with a aged look and do have slight flaws and purposeful imperfections.

We do not provide further discounts on these items, if you’re not satisfied feel free to send these items back at your own shipping cost. We will then refund the cost of the item itself but we do not refund the shipping cost to you. We can only refund items that are truly damaged or faulty.