Lulu Loves - Rhubarb And Ginger Large Candle

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A vivaciously tempting fusion of rhubarb and ginger aroma is the sweet kind of smell you want to eat, Bitter rhubarb veils the home whilst the ginger gives it a mild but spicy kick.  The lovely fragrance lingers even when not lit and is ideally placed in the kitchen to cover other smells. 

Suitable for vegans, our signature candles are made from all natural plant wax - no animal, beeswax, or paraffin, and burn very cleanly with hardly any soot produced and no tunneling or residue wax left unburnt.

The candles are highly fragranced and have an excellent hot throw, which means the fragrance continues to be given off when the candle is burning, and they work with excellent perfumers who use high quality ingredients to create our candles.

Burn times

Large Candle: 30cl, up to 60 hrs