Olive Green Chevron Glass Filled Candle - Mediterranean Lemon Grove Scent


Bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your space with our Olive Green Small Chevron Glass Candle, featuring the invigorating scent of a sun-drenched lemon grove.

The carefully crafted design combines the refreshing fragrance with a chic chevron patterned glass container. As it illuminates, enjoy the zesty and vibrant ambiance it creates, bringing a natural vitality and refreshing citrus aroma to your surroundings. Whether used as a stylish centerpiece or an eye-catching accent, this small glass candle effortlessly blends aesthetics and aroma, making it a must-have for enhancing your ambiance.

Small: H8cm x W7cm 150g - 16hr burn time

Large: H10cm x W8cm 260g - 26hr burn time