Rattan Kubu Luxury Round Planter Baskets


Experience the height of style with our luxurious Rattan Kubu Round Storage Baskets. The trendy neutral finish adds a touch of natural texture that's perfect for any space. These versatile storage items can be used for a variety of purposes, from organizing blankets to displaying faux plants or storing firewood. With two woven wicker handles on each basket, the beautiful natural texture is at your fingertips.
With these elegant and versatile storage baskets, you can add a touch of natural texture to any space. Their trendy neutral finish makes them a perfect addition to any room. Use them to organize blankets, display faux plants, store firewood, or for any other purpose you can think of. Plus, the two woven wicker handles on each basket make them easy to handle and add to the aesthetic appeal of your living space.


Small: 42L x 42W x 41H

Medium: 56L x 56W x 46H

Large: 68L x 68W x 51H