Thomas Kent 32" Murano Grand Clock

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Thomas Kent 32" Murano Grand Clock is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

A rose gold slimline rim frames our Murano mirrored wall clock. The charm of an ageing mirror shapes a halo that rolls around the periphery of the design. The aura uses a selection of earthy tones. A deep walnut brown brings to life the worn effect ticks. Matching rose gold hands add a touch of glamour to this elegant timepiece. Bring a touch of elegance and warmth to any room with our Murano mirrored wall clock. The slimline rim and rose gold accents add a glamorous touch while the aged mirror halo brings a unique and earthy charm. You'll love the warm walnut brown tick marks that add character and style to this beautiful timepiece.

Shape: Round
Colour: Rose gold rim and hands. Mirror details an earthy halo. Deep brown ticks
Material: Mirrored face with a aluminium rim
Features: An ageing mirror with an earthy toned halo design. Slimline rose gold rim and matching hands
Movement: Quartz movement with a audible ticking noise
Power: Requires 1 x good quality alkaline AA battery (not included)
Size: 80x80x4cm
Size in Inches: 31x31x1inch
Code: AMC32003
Barcode: 5015807056056