Canvas Framed Print - Heartbeat

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Amy Todd's incredible Heartbeat artwork features four vibrant heart-shaped wire designs atop textured, distressed silver foil. An 80cm x 80cm moulded mirror frame lends drama, while the polyester canvas background adds depth. These wire hearts overlap in a graceful, dynamic formation, imbuing this stunning piece with a sense of vitality and energy. Whether as a lovely focal point or a center of conversation, this unique artwork is sure to inspire.

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Shape: Square
Colour: Framed in mirror silver, the image in muted reds on a grey background
Material: Mirror metal frame, polyester canvas, Metal hanger
Features: Embellished in stressed silver foil and heart-shaped wire, framed in the metal mirror frame
Size: 82x82x3cm
Size in Inches: 32x32x1inch
Artist: Amy Todd
Code: AMS00166
Barcode: 5015807037420