Freckleface Pomegranate Black Tin Candle


Snuggle up with a cup of hot cocoa as temperatures dip and let the calming fragrance of Freckleface Pomegranate Black Tin Candle envelop your home. Create an inviting atmosphere with the soothing scent of Freckleface Tin Candle and experience the blissful tranquility it brings.

Burn time:  Approximately 35 hours - always burn for 4 hours on the first burn

Wax: our ethically sourced soya wax is paraffin-free and 100% vegan.  The natural wax delivers a consistent and clean burn throughout all of our products. 

Packaging: Re use your tin as a handy pot for plants and herbs or use to house small utensils in the kitchen

Weight (in tin as sold): 305g

Dimensions: 80mm x 76mm x 76mm