Thomas Kent 21" Florentine Wall Clock Star

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Florentine Star Wall clock offers a timeless design that will make it a focal point in any room. The 21' grand clock is designed in the UK. This timeless piece will add a glamorous accent to any room, it's stone effect printed on the glass and set against an antique-effect gold face and distressed brass effect rim is a real 'clock of ages' and a classic in the making.

Imagine how elegant it will look on the wall of your living room, dining room or library. Alternatively, the smart 21' clock may be placed on a wooden table or a shelf.

Size: Diameter 53cm x Depth 6cm Weight: 2.2kg

Materials: Galvanised metal and wood

Movement: Quartz movement with a audible ticking noise

Requires a good quality AA Battery (not included).

Presented in high quality own branded box packaging, so perfect for sending a wedding or new home gift.